About Us


Agriculture, Food & Cosmetic Industries

whose mission is to connect, lead and empower family and community businesses producing in sustainable way. Our activity focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on markets and production areas in Latin America & Europe, as well as the following destination markets: EU, North America & East Asia. Our companies are located in Costa Rica (Central America), the Czech Republic and Greece (EU). The producers (sellers in our platform) can offer their production, products, technologies or services in various ways:

  • B2C or D2C (Business to Customer or Direct to Customer). Direct sales to final consumers.
  • B2B (Business to Business) + D2C (Direct to Consumer) + Local & International online Auctions


Awápa - Family & Community Businesses

Launched in 2019, based in Costa Rica (Central America), the Czech Republic and Greece (EU), Awápa works with family and community businesses in agriculture and food industries across Latin America and Europe, harnessing the power of sustainable production & modern technologies to drive social and environmental change. We want to help create powerful family and community businesses as a counterbalance to the large corporations that dominate the market, connecting them with local & international markets.